Query Iqama Expiry Check 2020 Saudi Arabia

By | April 30, 2020

Query iqama expiry is means to know the details about the expiration date of iqama by using service. Basically we can say that the service which is used to check iqama expiry is called as query iqama expiry service.

The finished date is very serious issue for Experties because if they can’t renew it then the Government implement heavy fine on you. So renew it on time and protect yourself from the Government iqama renewal fine.

Now the Question is how to protect yourself from fine?. The answer is very easy and simple. You need to check about your iqama expiration date and renew it on time. In this way you can protect yourself from the fine.

Here some easy and simple steps will be discussed here to know about the expiration date. There are many methods of knowing it, So here you can fine the easiest and fastest checking method.

Follow these steps to check query iqama expiry service

Step#1: First of all you need to create your Absher account & Login. Click here to know about Absher account Registration & Login

Step#2: After login you can see the My account option in the Absher app or site. Now the search box is given below. Just type iqama expiry in the search box or See below this page. In the end of the page the Right and Left arrow type option available. Click on one of them and stop it when Query iqama expiry option come.

Step#3: Now click on the Query iqama expiry service option and see the new page. This page consists of two box. One Box is iqama number and the other box is Image code.

Step#4: Fill the first box and enter your own iqama number or anyone another person iqama number and fill the image code. After that click on the view option.


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