PUBG Tournament Pakistna

PUBG Tournament Pakistan

1 Match 1 Game 1 Player 1 PRICE Try The Skills Which You Know Better.

Play PUBG tournament Pakistan and Win the Prize Money Which is almost 10,000 P K R . You can Fully Trust on this Tournament . Making Every Sunday New Type of PUBG Match Pakistan

Whole Tournament Based on Real and Active Player of PUBG Only Pakistani Players Can Apply On this Tournament.even More

All Around the Pakistan PUBG Players Can Register This Tournament ..

PUBG Mobile Match Pakistan Rules

  • Firstly Finally Pay Your Entry Fees 200 P K R on This Number (03150064967)
  • Write The Transaction ID On the Applying From
  • 1 Player Can Register 1 time on This match
  • No Team Up
  • H A C K I N G Tricks and Method not Allowed
  • Emulator Players Not Allowed
  • wining Price amount Send By the Easy Paisa
  • Event Price Money Send After Match ended 30 Mins
  • Players Can Also Canceled Registration Before Tournament and Claim the Fees
  • Match Tournament Done after 15 Members Registration Other Wise all the amount Refunded the Players
  • in the case of Player Suddenly Dis Counted or any Other Trouble You can Also Claim You are Fees

How to pay Entry Fees PUBG Event Pakistan

Fist Of All You have to Know it With out Entry Fees Your Cant Play the Match So Fitly and Finally Pay it .

Now the Question is How ??

Simple . Go to any Mobile Shop Which is Near By Your Home And Transfer 200 P K R in Our Easy Paisa Account Which is 0315 00 64 967 Then Ask the Transaction Number Form Shopkeeper Then Register This Registration Filed .If or in Case Players Reach the Limit of 100 .. Then Your Fees will be Return or Collect for Next Tournament this Option is On You ..

In Case Players Are Less then 40 Your Fees Refund to You and event will Held Next Sunday

PUBG Fight Pakistan Intro

All the Event Based on Timely Played Match Which is 1 solo Test Event .

also To the Chance of Win 10,000 P K R Money . This Pakistan PUBG Tournament Only the Allow Decent and Reasonable Players Which want to Earn This Reward Time pass Players are cant Join this match .

This Series Contentious Go On Every Sunday with the Price Amount You can Register Your Self on Every Sunday .

  • Er angle Map
  • All Weapons Selected
  • Event Matches
  • Match Mode

Match Fist Winner Faizan Asif Player Name Kakkuu

Further More All the Players Best Players Will Get Expensive Rewards on Every Month Be Ready For More Cool Prizes .

  • T P P
  • Map All Weapons are allowed
  • 1 Match
  • Classic

These Type of Tournaments Prepared For The PUBG Players on Every Sunday So Daily Check Our Site Update.. Even More

Contacts Us

Finally All the Above Important and Basically Information Write on This Page in Case of Due to Any Misunderstanding Please Use the Contacts Us Options ..

Fist of All One Thing That You Have to Know about it .Soon We Brings Go on New Big Events Also which is Seems like Higher Harder and another thing Based on Expensive Things . In Other Words These Type of Events Take The Face of Contentious Series Which is for Winning the Highly Return Gifts For the Example Hawaii Mobile Samsung and Other Many More Expect i Phone Reason Because its not Allow in Pakistan ..

Also your Check Our Lasts Posts Which is All Above About Brand New PUBG Tournaments Especially Finally Free Match Tournament Pakistan Win Free Royal Pass Even More You were Also Win U C S .

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